Current ACCE board members, officers, advisers, associates, program specialists, and partners,
are listed in the below.

However, not all of the above related to ACCE functions are listed out here. As ACCE has become more and more an organic and spontaneous growth mode, it’s hard sometimes to keep up with our snowballing development as well as its changes. The structure below intends to serve as an example of ACCE’s base structure only.

Board of Directors​

Lilly Chan, Sherman Chen, Chang Guo, Andy King, Edly Lau,

Gefang Yang, Jian Zhu(Chairman理事长)

 Officers,US Headquarter & North America Region


Presidents’ Group/ 会长群

Honorary President and Senior Officer of US-China Public Affairs,

Fr US Congressman Bill Redmond

荣誉会长兼美中公共事务高级主管: 比尔,瑞德曼(美国前国会议员)


President, Mr. Edly Lau (M. D.)

会长: 刘江宁

Assistant to the President, Mr. Xuewen Jia

会长助理: 贾学文

Special Advisor to the President, Ms. Lilly Chan (M. D.)

会长特别事务助理: 陈百合


Vice President of Strategic Development, Mr. Andy King

规划发展副会长: 金陵


Chief Executives’ Group/ 总裁总监群

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jian Zhu

总裁: 祝健

Assistant to CEO, Ms. Renee Zhu

总裁助理: 祝更新

Special Advisor to the CEO, Ms. Rebecca Chan (O.M.D.)

总裁特别事务助理: 陈卧绿


Chief Operation Officer, Mr. Kevin Shi

运营总监: 石音


Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Lewis Lu

财务总监: 陆海英


Directors & Officers’ Group/ 主任主管首席群

Chief Officer of Special Project Development, Mr. Tie Quan Chen

专项项目开发部主管: 陈铁泉


Independent Project R’n D in Resource Match-making: Assistant to CEO, Ms. Joyce Sun​

独立项目研发与资源对接:总裁助理: 孙荭

1st Rep of North America Student Recruitment, Mr. Paul Hu

北美高中及大学招生部:首席代表 胡德宇

NM-China Project Match-making Executive, Mr. David Tian

新墨西哥州-中国项目对接主管: 田永明

NM-China Project Match-making Assistant Executive, Mr. Ye Lin

新墨西哥州-中国项目对接副主管: 林野

ACCE New Mexico Universities US China Resource Matching, Ms. Shanya Jiang

ACCE新墨西哥州大学美中校际资源对接主管: 姜善雅


Officer of ACCE Newsletters & Internal Communication, Jing Li (Ph.D.)

ACCE协会资源网通讯主管: 李静


Officer of Web Development, Mrs. Xiaona R. Morgan,

网站开发及管理主管: 任小娜

ACCE New Mexico Representative, Mr. Bruce Shaffer

协会新墨西哥州商务代表(美方): 布鲁斯, 薛华


Public Relation Officer, Mr. Joseph Basso

公共关系主管(美方): 约瑟, 巴瑟

 OFFICERS,China & Southeast Region



Vice President, Mr. Jack Lin

副会长, 香港东方好莱坞集团总裁: 杰克林


Vice Chairman, Mr. Gary Xue

副理事长, 海峡两岸建筑室内设计交流中心理事长: 薛光弼


ACCE Eastern China Resource Center Director, Mr. Xiao Jin

协会华东资源事务中心主任, 南京万桥国际酒店董事长: 肖金


ACCE Beijing Ed Service Officer, Ms. Christina Wang

协会北京教育事务主管: 王晶莹


ACCE Changsha Office Chief, Ms. Hong Zhu

协会长沙办公室主管: 祝红


ACCE China Arts & Ed Projects Manager, Mr. Leo Su

协会城市峰会艺术及教育主管: 苏长鑫


ACCE China Travel and Visa Service Director, Ms. Maggie Chen

协会中国区行政主任兼旅游签证服务部主管, 深圳天启文化传播公司经理: 陈潘英

 Leaders of ACCE Major and Strategic Development Fields



 Movies, TVs, & Arts

影视及艺术: 施玮、吕相如、约翰卡西亚特


Medicine & Health

医疗与健康产业: 吴杰、姜善雅、刘江宁

Information Technology

信息工程: 王祥、郁凌、赵方晓

Innovation & Incubator, Zhou Ren

科技创新与项目孵化: 周人、谢刚、吴运迪


Economic Friendship Cities, Richard Buckler

经济友好城市: 雷切,巴克莱


International Balloon Festival in China, Renee Zhu

国际热气球节: 祝更新、刘熙

Strategic Partners or Networking Resources/



1)      International Chinese Entrepreneur Association


2)      Shenzhen Tianqi Cultural Communication Co,. LTD


3)      Song Zhuang Contemporary Arts Archive House


4)      Oriental Hollywood Group (Hong Kong) Co., LTD


5)      investUS LLC

投资美国, 新墨西哥州EB5区域移民中心

6)      City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department


7)      Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation


8)      Lincoln International University


9)  New Mexico Route 66 Association


10)  Shanxi Yaomei Project Management Co., LTD


11)  Menaul School


12)  New Mexico Cameron LLC


13)  Cross Straits Interior Design & Construction Center



14)  The New Mexico Law Group


15)  New Mexico CElab


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